Power Systems Data Working Group (WG2)

This is the homepage of the Power Systems Data Working Group (WG2), part of the Carbon Data Specification Consortium (CDSC), an LF Energy project.


An open specification for raw electric power system data to facilitate a systematic and more accurate approach to report grid emissions.

This working group focuses on creating a unified specification for data retrieved from power system operators.

Power system data might include, but is not limited to:

  • Generation mix
  • Power imports and exports
  • Power market data
  • Delivery capacities and/or constraints
  • Power generation emissions

This common standard shall enable grid decarbonisation pathways and decision-making. By aligning the definition of the data shared by power system operators, this specification will make it easier for third parties to consistently compute (using their own carbon models) and report grid emissions worldwide.

Use Cases


These are the official specifications written by this working group.

CDSC-WG2-01 - Grid Topologies is used to develop a shared terminology for various levels of granularity of grid entities and a convention for describing how those entities relate to each other. CDSC-WG2-02 - Data Types describes consensus around data fields that are either required or recommended in order to adequately describe the state of various grid entities. These two specifications are used in the development of CDSC-WG2-03 - API Interface, which describes an interface for power systems operators when sharing power system data.

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See our LICENSE.md.

Our specifications operate under the Joint Development Foundation (JDF) project model.

Our code and documentation is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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